Dash Of Love Cooking Classes

Audience: Youth & Adults 6 - 18+
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 6-8 weeks

Class Overview

Dash of love is a fun and educational cooking class, designed to teach the essentials and fundamentals of culinary foundations. The program will teach the skills and techniques that are practiced across the country in the industry. The goal of the program is to encourage participants to promote Peace, Love, and Positivity through food. As well as, to make positive decisions, use team work to achieve goals, and respect equipment and peers at all times. The curriculum of Dash of love was designed to promote skills relevant in and out of the kitchen, meaning these skills can be used right at home, in the community or in the industry!

Curriculum includes:

• Safety and Sanitation
• Healthy Eating & Nutrition
• Hospitality
• Age-appropriate Meal Preparation
• Cooking Methods/ Styles
• Flavor Profiling 


• To provide hands on, independent and team-based cooking experiences for participants targeted to various learning styles.
• Create a safe learning space for participants to express & create.
• To expose participants to the different cooking techniques, practices and procedures used throughout the culinary industry.
• To teach participants skills relevant in and out of the kitchen