Creative Expressions Thru Dance

Audience: Youth & Young Adults 6 -18
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 6 weeks

Program Overview

In dance class, the youth will be encouraged to use their own ideas to explore dance, music, and their bodies. We will learn to express our own individual identities. Youth who take this class will work together as a team, using each other's ideas as inspiration to create a brand-new choreography. As youth complete these routines, they will build their toolkit and begin to explore variations and personal interpretations of movements and music. Then, when youth have mastered the basics, they will collaborate. Brainstorming and experimenting through freestyle dance cyphers the class will develop its own cohesive style.


• Students will demonstrate exceptional footwork, body movement, and stunt.
• Students will gain perspective on the connection between movement, play, and life.
• Students will build communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork skills.
• Students will express their identity through freestyle dance forms.
• Students will create and follow a community agreement.