RoseBudz Fashion, Modeling, and Entrepreneurship

Audience: Youth Ladies 6-18
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 6-8 weeks

Program Overview

Rosebudz gives youth in the community a platform where they can learn fashion and modeling in a fun and creative way and learn to turn their gifts and talents into entrepreneurship opportunities. Youth will learn modeling, confidence, public speaking, and self-esteem building. We teach those skills through modeling, mock interviews, and mock casting call to prepare them for the modeling career. Studies show that young creative minds tend to be nervous, and anxiety and fear can keep them from achieving their goals. Rosebudz teaches them those life skills to face those fears, network and build lifelong connections.


• Students will have a basic understanding of modeling.
• Students will learn how to walk the runway.
• Students will create head shots and a portfolio.
• Student will show improvement in their public speaking.
• Students will learn about interviewing.