Creative Reading, Writing, Music, and Spoken Word

Audience: Youth ages 6-18
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 6-8 weeks

Program Overview

The goal of the program is to provide an outlet and alternative for children of all ages. To instills core values and teach them how to proactively express their emotions in alternate ways, while reconciling the issues they encounter. We assist and mentor students to help them find their passions and creative expression. It is through this passion that children will gain the confidence, ambition, and drive to achieve their goals.

The program also gives participants the knowledge of song making. Many of them have a talent for music but not the knowledge to create it. Participants will learn what standard professional equipment is needed to make songs and learn the process involved with creating and publishing for the world to see. 


• Participants will practice reading, writing, recording, and performing.
• Participants will learn problem solving skills.
• Will participate in Restorative Justice Circles in which core values, morals, identifying emotions, healthy and effective communication, will all begin to be taught.
• Learn how to use professional recording equipment.